Coal Kills - An Assessment of Death and Disease caused by India’s Dirtiest Energy Source

Debi Goenka and Sarath Guttikunda

Globally, it is well established that emissions from coal-fired power are responsible for significant levels of illness and premature death. Whilst comprehensive studies of health impacts caused by particulate air pollution attributable to coal power plants have been carried out in the USA and parts of Europe, such data is hard to come by in India.

To address this deficiency, Conservation Action Trust commissioned Urban Emissions to conduct the analysis for this study. Urban Emissions developed estimates of health impacts using a well-established and extensively peer-reviewed methodology based on concentration-response functions established from epidemiological studies.

For further information please download the report ‘Coal Kills’ and scroll through the data below.
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Data illustrating the movement of emissions using HYSPLIT trajectory model

Ground level PM 10, SEC-PM and SO2 concentrations at National level

Ground level PM 10, SEC-PM and SO2 concentrations at Sub-regional level

Mixing height, precipitation and wind vector data


Coal Kills